More Details at a Lower Dose

More Details at a Lower Dose

Intelligent 2D™ Imaging Technology

Low-dose, High-Resolution 3D™ Exams

Low-dose, High-Resolution 3D™ Exams

With Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology, clinicians are able to make fast, confident decisions without compromising on accuracy or dose. Intelligent 2D™ retains more features of interest from the Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam data than ever before in a comprehensive, natural-looking synthesized 2D image.

Improved Clinical Performance – And More.12

    • Harness the power of Clarity HD high-resolution Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam images and Intelligent 2D™ generated 2D images for unprecedented clarity, contrast, and detail. Accelerate lesion detection with confidence.

    • Generate sharp images at 70µ resolution with enhanced background and localized density appearance to enable FFDM-like representation of parenchymal tissue.

    • Generate a new 2D image using advanced machine-learning algorithms and high-resolution 3D™ data to produce a robust, natural-looking image.

    • Smart mapping13 enables radiologists to instantly move from suspicious areas detected on the 2D image to the point of interest on the 3D™ slice when used with the SecurView workstation, saving valuable read time.

    • 3.7-second scans reduce compression time to minimize motion and improve patient comfort.

  • Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology is an option with Hologic’s Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exams, and its 2D images are always read together with the Clarity HD high-resolution images. As with any imaging enhancements, planning, socialization and training are essential. Refer to product data sheet for additional technical product information.

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  • Fast and Confident Decisions

    Fast and Confident Decisions

    • Generate finely detailed 2D images from the Genius™ exam data to enhance image review for greater diagnostic confidence.
    • Accelerate lesion detection and assessment of microcalcifications, as well as spiculated, round and other soft lesions.12
    • Expedite 3D™ exam read times with Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology's built-in mapping capability.13
    • Only the Genius™ exam has been clinically proven, in multiple studies, to detect significantly more invasive breast cancers3* with a lower dose solution.

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